Give Backyard Birds Something to Sing About


Surely the most watched and beloved of Canada's wildlife species are the birds we see in our backyards. Robins and woodpeckers, hummingbirds and goldfinches intrigue us with their antics or cheer us with their songs. We may take birds for granted, yet they have a lot to teach us.T hey are often our first introduction to the ways of the wild.

Which species live in your area? What do they need to thrive? How can you improve their habitat? Engage students in learning about birds through observation, identification and research. Then put that learning into practice to help them solve problems for birds in their own neighbourhood!

This kit has been reviewed by Canadian educators and scientists. It is suitable for a wide range of elementary and secondary students. 

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Learning Objectives

Students will learn:

  • Basic bird-identification skills.
  • The challenges that birds face.
  • About bird ranges, migration, and biodiversity.
  • How to make maps as a tool to learn about and help birds.

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