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Bat House Installation Checklist

Download this handy checklist to help you with proper bat house installation.
Sep 27th, 2022

Build and Maintain Nesting and Roosting Boxes

Many of Canada’s wildlife need trees as safe places to nest in the warmer months and escape poor weather and predators the rest of the year. Putting up birdhouses – aka nesting boxes – and roosting boxes can also make a big different for bird species.
Apr 23rd, 2021

Celebrate With an Oceans Festival

Students of all ages prepare a celebration for Oceans Day (June 8).
Jun 1st, 2021

Discover Your Ocean Connections

Students create a personal mind map of their connections to the ocean, based on a resource sheet and class discussion.
Jun 1st, 2021

Dress Like a Polar Bear

Students research and determine animal adaptation characteristics.
Nov 10th, 2021

Fish Fate

Students will play a board game introducing them to a broad range of environmental factors that can affect fish populations. They will use math skills to track population fluctuations.
Sep 13th, 2022

How to Build a Bat House

Step-by-step instructions to help you construct your own bat house.
Sep 13th, 2022

Plant a Butterfly Garden

Students plant a school garden to provide habitat for butterflies and other pollinators.
Mar 31st, 2021

Pollinators -  From Flowers to Food to Our Future  - Educator Guide

Did you know that pollination is one of the most important ecological processes on the planet? In this educational kit, students will learn about the science of pollination , explore the important roles pollinators play, and work together to support pollinators in their own backyards, schoolyard and community.
Apr 1st, 2021

Seafaring Friends

In this activity, students discover local links to the ocean and sketch them in a map.
May 21st, 2021

Your Path to the Ocean

Students use various resources to trace the surface waters that connect their community to the ocean, to other communities along their watershed, and to ocean wildlife.
May 21st, 2021