Discover the Ocean in Your Backyard


Treasure! The word conjures up spine-tingling images of adventure and discovery on wild coastlines—swashbuckling pirates and oak chests spilling gold and gems onto sundrenched sand.

We can have fun fantasizing about ocean treasure hunts for long-lost pieces of eight, but healthy oceans also offer us a very real treasure here and now—a trove of biodiversity that we tend to take for granted.

With this free education kit, you’ll discover how mapping our connections to oceans can integrate science, technology, geography, history, art, language, and even physical activity to kindle the excitement of ocean discovery in your students.

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Learning Objectives

Students will learn:

  • Oceans are essential to life. 
  • Watersheds—streams, lakes, rivers, and wetlands—empty into oceans, forming vital transportation links. 
  • Oceans influence our social, economic, historical, international, and political development. 
  • Oceans are threatened by pollution, particularly from the land. 
  • Protecting and promoting oceans is our global and civic responsibility. 

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