Become a Club Leader

To host club activities, you must first become a WILD Family Nature Club leader. Being a club leader is great — you get to go outside with your children, explore nature, build a support network for yourself and make friends for life!

The only thing we ask you to do as a WILD Family Nature Club leader is to host activities. A WILD Family Nature Club activity can be just about anything — as light as a meet-up in a local green space. Just think of something you'd like to do outside with your children, and post it on the calendar so that other interested people can join you with their kids.

As a club host, you have full control of your activities, as long as they fall within the risk management parametres.

What do I need to do?

  1. Email to obtain a copy of our volunteer application/agreement form
  2. Complete the volunteer form and return it to us by email

Once we have your completed volunteer form, we can give you access to post WILD Family Nature Club activities on the calendar. You'll also receive access to a diversity of club leader resources and training opportunities. 

These links will also help you get started:

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