New Resource on Discounts and Travel Information

Posted by Liamjod on 14 Jun 2016

Check out this handy resource for information about budgets, discounts and accomodation for your trip to the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

Apply to the Hawaiʻi Island Pre-Congress Workshop: Young Professionals Development Kīpaepae

Posted by cristaa137 on 31 May 2016

Apply here by June 19th: or check out the Pre-Congress concept note for more information.

Kīpaepae literally translates to the stepping-stones for entering a house. A two-day program has been developed to help 50 young, dynamic, and emerging global leaders build their collective foundation for effectively engaging the IUCN’s World Conservation Congress. As each stone in the kīpaepae contributes individually to the eventual structure, so too will each participant contribute to building a foundation for effective conservation work. To this end, all participants will participate in biocultural restoration on Hawaiʻi Island, and in this participation, will experience management that seeks to realize conservation as relationship with and reverence for place.

To start the program, participants will convene on Hawaiʻi Island for an intensive 2-day introduction to biocultural conservation in Hawaiʻi. This introduction will serve as a kīpaepae for the IUCN Congress, and aims to:
(i) enhance leadership capacity;
(ii) provide learning opportunities on a range of important conservation and sustainability topics; and
(iii) build bridges and create relationships across the diverse conservation communities represented at the Congress.

Workshop discussions and activities will be founded on principles most eloquently articulated by the traditional voyaging community. The second phase of the experience will include a capstone biocultural planning exercise intended to demonstrate creative planning skills as applied to an actual restoration project area. Conservation is itself on a biocultural voyage, and today as never before, conservation needs creative and inspired leadership to carry us through a diversity of challenges that may prevent us from achieving our vision for the world we strive to protect and create.

Overall, the workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss key issues with experts and specialists in conservation and will deliver a series of activities including:
 Hands-on conservation work at Keauhou Ranch;
 Skills related training (determined by selected applicants);
 Critical discussion on “Voyaging Canoe” and utilizing indigenous cultures and knowledge to develop innovative solutions and action projects
 Knowledge sharing through peer to peer learning and networking

Deadline to apply is June 19th. View and submit the application here: or check out the Pre-Congress concept note for more information.

 Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 35 on August 28th, 2016
 Applicants must be registered participants of the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress

Apply to the #NatureForAll Greenhouse

Posted by Liamjod on 1 May 2016